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Don Jazzy stopped by to mix “Oliver Twist” D’Banj’s new single
Awesome song from one of my favorite producers, be sure to check it out!

This is an album I’m personally very excited for, Ryann and I
have been working on some new songs with a great collection
of writers and the first two songs will be released through
her vinyl club so sign up now

Spent a couple lovely weeks in Venezuela working with Pamela Rodriguez
on a wonderful new album produced by David Little.
Great songs + great sounds = pre-order.
Do it.

Resolution15 has been working on a very exciting project entitled the Svaha Sessions.
The first two songs were recorded at Jersey’s wonderful Big Blue Meenie
and are must listens (in my oh so biased opinion)

IKILLYA has released their Recon EP that was recorded
at MSR Studios & Nova Studios and it’s an absolutely
fantastic record.

May saw Brian Lawlor and myself arranging keys
for another Winds of Plague record! The new album should be out in August
and the first song’s out now, check it out!

Los Inquietos Del Norte were in town for two weeks recording the follow up album
to “Mi Vicio”. Great bunch of guys and a ton of fun sessions as always!

Two acoustic songs were tracked and mixed for Paul Freeman.
Wonderful new English artist based in LA.

Clare Muldaur was in to finish vocals for her upcoming record.

Work is commencing on Measure’s first full length. Many more updates to come!

Recorded the debut album for Pete Staff and the Oxford Circus. A Philly based
rock band with some very cool blues and funk elements.

Jody Shelton stopped by to record piano for his new album.
It should be out late this Summer and is being produced by David Margolis.
The album features a ton of great musicians playing good music.
What’s not to love?

I’ve been mixing Chrysalist’s debut album.
Due out in May this group is one of the most exciting young bands from Australia.

Ashley Ellylon was in recently recording piano for the Orbs album.
The tracks turned out great and the album should be even better!
The rest of the album is being recorded and mixed by Jamie King at The Basement Recording.

The MusicMusicMusic recorded three new songs for their upcoming album.
Remaining songs will be tracked and mixed this Summer ahead of a US tour.

Abigail Williams new CD “In The Shadow of a Thousand Suns” is out now.

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