Mixing from a private, custom built mix room designed by Frank Commentale based around a Pro Tools HDX system allows me to take the time to get every mix right rather than worrying about how much time we have left in the studio before our budget runs out.

  • Have a project you’ve already recorded that needs mixing? No problem! Send in your files in any DAW format and I’ll get straight to work.
  • Live streaming of the mix progress via Sourceconnect so there’s no need to deal with emails for every tiny change. Hear your song come together in real time from anywhere in the world.
  • Constantly growing collection of outboard equipment and effects including a Rupert Neve Master Bus Processor, Eventide H9000 and more effect pedals than anyone should hang on to…

In addition to my own studio I often mix in commercial studios, houses and even a beach cabin. I’ve carefully selected my equipment to enable high quality mixing whether working on a SSL9000 or heardphones and an iPad. Wherever you’re most comfortable finishing the song I’m able to accommodate and ensure that the final product hits all the right notes.