Thank You Scientist “Plague Accommodations”

This was one of the EP’s I had the most fun mixing. Thank You Scientist has long been one of my favorite bands, their blend of Jazz, Rock, Funk and Metal is right up my alley and they’re some of the best musicians I’ve heard. Partway through the Pandemic they got in touch about mixing […]

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Cradle Switch

This was a particularly fun trans-Atlantic project for me. Cradle Switch is the self-titled debut of a great Cambridge, NY based Americana band. Recorded live in Upstate NY I mixed it at my home away from home; Topfloor Studios in Gothenburg Sweden. Afterwards Andreas Andersson took care of the mastering in Malmö and it’s now […]

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The Incidental Purge Album Cover

The Incidental Purge

Brian Lawlor’s Incidental Purge is finally out! The purge resulted in four EP’s of music Brian composed for a variety of performance pieces, site installations, dance pices and a film score. Taking more than a year from the start of recording and including some archive diving I’m ecstatic that this music is finally accessible for […]

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Album cover for "Your Turn"

Ceramic Dog – “Your Turn”

This was the first album I worked on with Marc Ribot, Shahzad Ismaily and Ches Smith. About half of the album was recorded in a basement on Rivington Street, with carts rolling and crashing over the control room and the band packed together in the next ‘room’. This collection of songs, in Marc’s own words […]

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New site is up!

Well, since you’re reading this it means my new website has finally launched! This one will be far easier to update so we’ll actually have news from the last year on it, a massive THANK YOU to VS Design for dealing with everything and taking care of the much needed overhaul.

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