Hannah Ray “Not Alone” EP Release

Hannah Ray is a great artist from NYC and has just released her debut EP, “Not Alone”. I produced, recorded and mixed these songs. One notable collaboration on the EP is the song “Slippin’”, which features the remarkable talents of Brian Lawlor. Together, we crafted a dynamic piece that showcases the unique blend of their […]

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Sam Sadigursky “Solomon Diaries”

A great set of three albums that I recorded and mastered for fellow Philip Glass Ensemble member Sam Sadigursky featuring Nathan Koci at the old Hoboken location of Garden Sound Studio. These three albums encompass a wide range of stories and music, “The Solomon Diaries is a set of new music inspired by the dramatic […]

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Surpresa Album Cover

Jesse Harris & Vinicius Cantuaria “Surpresa”

“Surpresa” is a beautiful albums of songs by a pair of the America’s great songwriters, Jesse Harris & Vinicius Cantuaria. We recorded the album mostly live in NYC and I mixed it shortly thereafter in the same room. Featuring beautiful songs, a range of fantastic guest appearances including Melody Gardot and Bill Frisell and a […]

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Nefariant Fowl Album Cover

Nefariant “Fowl”

NYC based Nefariant is a Gothic Metal band with songs that are brutally elegant, heavy harmony and feature macabre melodies. I recorded and produced this EP with the band at the former Hoboken location of Garden Sound Studio and mixing took place in LA with legendary engineer, Ulrich Wild. Now a four piece, Nefariant is […]

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Ryann "Roses" Album Cover

RYANN “Roses”

Roses is an EP containing several of the songs I Produced and Mixed with RYANN in the years before the pandemic. Covering a range of genres, her voice and lyrics are always the focal point in these driving songs. With additional production and compositions from Brian Lawlor & Ashley Jurgemeyer; “Roses” is a perfect encapsulation […]

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Gold St Mkt Album Cover

Gold St Mkt “The Work Awaits You Always”

I’m lucky to like most of the music I get to work with but this is an album I truly love! Written by a great group of NYC musicians, this album was one of the first projects I took on after lockdown started. Conveniently, I had just received my Eventide H9000 as well, and since […]

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Blush Album Cover

Maya Hawke “Blush”

Most of the recording for this album happened live out in Springs, NY with overdubs and finishing touches taking place in NYC. A lovely bunch of songs co-written with Jesse Harris, I think it’s a superb debut album and am excited to hear what she writes next.

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The Grid Album Cove

James McVinnie’s “Philip Glass: The Grid”

The Grid features a program of Philip Glass’s most well-known music hand-selected by organist James McVinnie and adapted especially for the sounds of the Arp Schnitger Organ of the Michaelskerk in Zwolle Holland. It produces a richer and deeper sound than the farfisa keyboard organs played by the original Philip Glass Ensemble of the 1970’s. […]

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It’s About Time

“It’s About Time” is Good Boy Daisy’s newest EP that I recorded over a couple lovely weeks at Nova Studios late last year. Produced by Melissa Cross, John Moyer and myself it’s a must hear if you’re a fan of straight forward power rock with fierce vocals and the musicianship to back it up!

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