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RSK Audio is Ryan Kelly
Located in Jersey City, Ryan is an industry veteran providing engineering, production, mixing and mastering services.
Previous clients include:

Beyonce, Slash, John Legend, The Roots, and many more

Photo of orchestra being professionally recorded
Build & Design
Services Include:
Recording + Production

Regardless of language and genre, I love working with artists to ensure that every piece conveys its message.

Mixing + Mastering

Working from a custom built room designed by Crossley Acoustics with Dolby Atmos support allows me to bring out the best in every song.

Photo of Ryan in the studio

Attention Jersey City Artists & Musicians!

Thanks to a grant from the Jersey City Arts and Culture Trust Fund, we’re excited to announce a limited number of free Mixes and Masters are available for artists and bands from Jersey City! For more information and to apply click the link below.