The Incidental Purge Album Cover

The Incidental Purge

Brian Lawlor’s Incidental Purge is finally out! The purge resulted in four EP’s of music Brian composed for a variety of performance pieces, site installations, dance pices and a film score. Taking more than a year from the start of recording and including some archive diving I’m ecstatic that this music is finally accessible for the first time.

Always and Only the Lonely – Music from The Dorothy K featuring Zac Pennington on vocals! This album has a 22 piece ensemble and vocals performing music from The Dorothy K originally written for the performance company St. Genet

Explodity! – Original music and arrangements of pieces by Sergei Prokofiev and Dmitri Shostakovich for a futurist publication performance by William Burke. With performances by Brian Lawlor and Brian Turner these pieces were entirely played and recorded on guitar, bass and drums. A rare synthesizer free album!

The Harvest – Music from the The Harvest — a documentary film by Gabriel DeLoach. This score features several re-arrangements and re-recordings of the original pieces. Perfect concentration music (I’m listening to it now!)

Shift – Three pieces commissioned by contemporary choreographers this one features some of the widest ranging compositions of the EPs. “This Will Out” was a blast to mix!

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