Jersey City Arts Grant Information

No cost Mixing & Mastering for Jersey City artists!

Supported by Public Funds from the Jersey City Arts and Culture Trust Fund, we are ecstatic to announce the launch of our JC Artists Fund. As part of this program, we are offering our Mixing & Mastering services to musicians and bands from Jersey City at no cost to them. Apply by completing the below form. Additional details are below.

Mixing & Mastering Information –
Spots are limited for these services and the duration will depend on the number of applications. Initially, artists will be limited to three mixes with the same number of masters. If mixing is not required then the number of masters per artist will be determined on a case by case basis.

For more information on how to prepare your songs for mixing, take a look at our new post with some tips.

All applications, whether by a band or solo artists, must include at least one member who is a resident of Jersey City at the time of project completion. Releases supported by this fund must include information about the support (ie on CD Booklet or artist’s Bandcamp page) with the specific text listed in the application.

There are no requirements for genre or style of productions, preference will be given to works which are near completion or ready to go. In the case of acceptance into the program artists will have 30 days (unless otherwise agreed upon) to submit the materials for mixing or mastering.

Mixing and/or Mastering will be completed by Ryan Kelly at Garden Sound Studio in Jersey City, NJ. For more information on preparing your songs for Mixing please view the article here.

There is no cash value for these and application does not guarantee acceptance. In the case that an artist is accepted and decides not to continue with the program their spot may be redistributed at our sole judgement.

We not only want to support musicians already active in our community but also offer an exciting opportunity for local high school students interested in Audio Production. We are running a special program to allow these students to attend our mixing and mastering sessions. The application process for this program will commence shortly. Sign up at the link below to receive notifications when it becomes available.